April 06, 2019   • 2 min read

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Hi, I am Nishith 👋. Last week I announced about starting my own newsletter. All articles are based on my technical learnings, and most articles are going to publish on javascript related topics.


So, it’s my first newsletter and the big question is “what is the reason behind starting a newsletter?” Actually, the reason behind it is to share what’s on my mind and get some interesting ideas and feedback from you. It’s kinda selfish but discussing the thing make so many things easier.


And of course, I am going to share so many useful things about React, React native and Javascript. And yes, you can also suggest some topics or programming languages of your interest.

Right? Okay!

Today’s article is not a technical that consists bunch of code but it’s all about how we can make a complex feature by dividing it into smaller blocks. In this way, you can able to achieve any complex feature without any headache.

Let’s discuss how any complex feature can be divided into a small block of things.

1. Read any feature request carefully.

It’s the most important thing to understand the feature carefully to take further action for your feature development.

2. Create a clear picture of the outcome

Now you know the feature but you must see how it’s going to be work and how you are going to develop?

If you can’t think it, you can’t make it

You must think carefully to decide a development flow. Because you have to make a list for that.

Clear Picture

3. Make a list

Why to make list?

The listing makes your complex feature into small tasks. It’s helpful in tracking your feature development You can decide the flow easily.

Make a list

4. Define priority

So now, you are ready with your list and it’s time for defining priority.

How to decide priority?

Decide base of your feature. You can’t build a house if you don’t ready your base.

So, divide the list into different priorities like High, Medium and Low. That’s just an example, you can decide priority levels based on your feature complexity and list.

5. Do code

Now you are ready with all basic needs for your feature. so start development and happy coding 😊.

I am not going to explain how to code in this😉.

Cheers 🍻


I am following this way while working on complex feature so I can keep myself calm😌 while working.

Actually, that’s not my kind of article. I am trying to be better in writing and this is a small step that I am taking to express my skills into writing 😁.

You can discuss your way of working or can suggest the way I am working is appropriate or not. If I am missing something, I welcome you to point it out that missing thing.


Hope this is helpful 🙏 for someone